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KZM Wagon Table



A wagon-only table that can be used lightly on top of the wagon, and is suitable for outdoor use due to its high space utilization. It is a table that can be easily installed by unfolding the table folded in half. It can be easily stored by folding it in half when storing. It is a wagon-only table that can be enjoyed together anytime, anywhere with ample space for use. In case of insufficient space, it can be used as an auxiliary table or shelf, so you can use it freely and conveniently.
  • Product name : PELICAN WAGON TABLE
  • Model No : K20T3U016
  • Weight : 2Kg
  • Load capacity : 15Kg
  • Material : Plywood, Aluminum
  • Component : Tabel, Carry bag
  • Size : Upon installation-98x53x(h)2.2cm / Storage-49x53x(h)5cm