NAFAS Kinabalu Fresh Air
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NAFAS Kinabalu Fresh Air



NAFAS Fresh Air Kinabalu

Product Description :

The amount of oxygen per can is 9L of compressed air.
Which allows you to use around 120 one second puffs.
The best way to use nafas is with pursed breathing technique.
Breathe in while pressing the nozzle for 1 to 2 seconds using your nose.
Follow by blowing out slowly using your mouth for 4 to 6 seconds.
Do not blow back into the nafas mouthpiece

This is the best method to replenish oxygen in your body. Exercise your lung and also help to reduce shortness of breath.

Benefits of pure oxygen:
1) Helps in concentration and memory for students
2) Helps in recovery post exercise
3) Promotes health & wellness in elderly
4) Improves sports performance and endurance
5) Remedy for altitude sickness
6) Helps during air pollution
7) Helps to maintain a healthy heart

Composition: 9L Compressed 95% Pure Oxygen
Expired Date: 05/2023
Weight: 127g