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Fjallraven Bergtagen Neck Gaiter



Product Specifications:

Color: Red,Green
Diameter of the stick:8mm/0.31"
Material: flint (magnesium), scraper (iron)
Dimension: flint 9.8 cm, scraper 7 cm
Color: flint (black), scraper (green)
Weight: 42.6 g

1 X Magnesium flint
1 X Iron scraper

Made from Magnesium, easy to produce sparkle and ignite flammable materials,extremely convenient for outdoor activities
like Camping,hiking.
Usable in humid environment.

How to use:
Step1.Slowly scratch off some power from the Magnesium stick with the blade and put it on flammable materials like paper,
dried firewood.
Step2.Scratch the Magnesium stick quickly with the blade to produce sparkle to ignite what we've prepared in Step1.