Campingmoon Aluminium Plate Black T-2308-BK (Without table)




-The surface is frosted to increase the texture while increasing the friction.

-Aluminum alloy material, sturdy and practical.

-2.5mm thickness, not easy to bend.

-The front-end concave design can leave a space when installed on a multi-purpose table, which is convenient for hanging items.

-You can turn your grill into a storage table.

-Without table


-Material: aluminum alloy

-Color: black

-Item size: 592 * 342 * 2.5mm / 23.3 * 13.5 * 0.1in

-Item weight: 1080g / 2.4lb

-Package size: 610 * 310 * 27mm / 24.0 * 12.2 * 1.1in

-Package weight: 1100g / 2.4lb


Packing List:

1 * Auxiliary Tray Support