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Campingmoon Z30 Gas Canister 3 to 1 Connector



Brand: Campingmoon
Model: Z30
Product details: Connecting adapter for CB cans, block cap (multi-hose line is not included)
Weight :: 165g
Dimensions: Approx. 190mm x 62mm x 46mm
Material: Rubber, Super Duralumin, Brass, Stainless
Applicable: A gas station that can connect three cassette gases (CB) and supply them at the same time.
(1) A gas station that connects inexpensive cassette gas cans (CB) in parallel and converts them into outdoor cans (OD). (2) Since it has a check valve, gas does not leak even if it is left attached.
(3) When used in combination with a multi-gas hose and OD can conversion adapter Z13M, it can be used for single burners, two-burner equipment, wind warming, etc.