Iwatani Aburiya Portable Grill Stove
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Iwatani Aburiya Portable Grill Stove



Only possible with a cassette gas grill stove!
Enjoy charcoal stove BBQ on your table!
  1. The heat from the blazing radiation panels cooks the food evenly and deliciously without direct flame contact.
  2. It features non-stop regulation of heating power from height to low, to cook ingredients at the right temperature.
  3. You can enjoy roasting a variety of food including seafood, meat, vegetable, dry food and mochi.
  4. Can be use in 2 ways: Grill or Skewers 

Make sure to pour approx. 700cc of water in liquid tray (water tray) before use

This Product is designed for house hold use. Never use the apparatus for commercial purpose where it is used for long hours to heat a large amount of meat.

  • JAN Code: 4901740 907999
  • Model Number CB-ABR-1
  • Product Dimension (W x L x H) 409 x 214 x 134 mm
  • Grill Size 240 x 180 mm
  • Product Weight 2.4 kg
  • Color Metallic Brown
  • Materials Body Copper Plate (Powder Coating)
  • Grill Stainless
  • Skewers Stray Steel (plated)
  • Liquid Tray (water tray) Steel (enamel)
  • U-shape burner Steel (plated)
  • Appliance valve knob ABS resin
  • Gas Consumption 169 g/h
  • Continuation Burning Time 90 minutes
  • Ignition Type Pieza ignition
  • Safety Features Pressure sensing safety device and so on
  • Detachable system for gas catridge Magnet System
  • Fuel Iwatani cassette gas
  • Box Dimension (W x L x H) 420 x 221 x 144 mm
  • Box Weight 2.7 kg
  • Accessory -
  • Made In Japan

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