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Iwatani Yakimaru Portable Grill Stove



You can enjoy YAKINIKU easily in your room because it suppresses smoke!

  1. It reduced the amount of smoke because the temperature of the plate won't be too high.
  2. Keeping the temperature of the plate from becoming too high thus prevents smoke.
  3. The Structure of this plate will keep heat and control the temperature between 210'C and 250'C. Meat can be grilled perfectly because the temperature become high very fast.
  4. It is possible to suppress smoke because of not dropping fat into the flame.
  5. System to drop the fat into the water plate
  • JAN Code: 4901140 907937
  • Maximum calorific Value: 1.0kW(900kcal/h)
  • Model Number CB-SLG-1
  • Product Dimension (W x L x H) 303 x 278 x 149 mm
  • Plate Diameter 233 mm
  • Product Weight 2.0 kg
  • Color Bronze and Black
  • Materials Body Steel
  • Plate Aluminium die cast
  • Burner Heat-resistance aluminium die cast
  • Knob ABS resin
  • Gas Consumption 76 g/h
  • Continuation Burning Time 217 minutes
  • Ignition Type Pieza ignition
  • Safety Features Pressure sensing safety device and so on
  • Detachable system for gas catridge Magnet System
  • Fuel Iwatani cassette gas
  • Box Dimension (W x L x H) 314 x 284.5 x 163 mm
  • Box Weight 2.3 kg
  • Accessory A handle
  • Made In Japan

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