Slope Chainstay Guard
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Slope Chainstay Guard




-Available in black & transparent
-Mtb road bike bicycle frame protector downtube
-Get 2 layers of downtube protection, it can be attached under a bicycle frame close to crank (to protect from rock) & the lower end is parallel to the fork, which is commonly used while the bike is loading.
-3m strong adhesive sticky adhesive
- It can be used in all kinds of mtb bikes.
-Very useful bicycle frame body protection
-Weight : 0.2kg

How to install :
1.Clean the frame to be attached to the Downtube Guard / Chainstay Guard , Make sure there are no traces of dirt /oil stuck to it.
2.For the installation of chainstay guard , measuring and adjust first to frame.
3.Remove the 3M adhesive then attach the Downtube Guard / Chainstay Guard on the frame , press and glue it carefully.
4.Make sure the Downtube Guard / Chainstay Guard is evenly and perfectly attached.
5.After the Downtube Guard / Chainstay Guard has been attached , it should be wrapped with masking tape that has been provided.
6. Wait for 6-8 hours for 3M to perfectly glue.