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Thous Winds Sierra Cup



Product Descriptions :

Everyone has their own way to enrich their outdoor camping. The main aim that we design different size and color sierra cup is that we hope you can have more choice for your outdoor camping picnic. Leaving all of your troubles in the outdoor camping and enjoy the meal on weekdays Food, fragrant coffee, tea and wine that you like. After ending your outdoor life, you even don’t need to store it in storage bag since they can be also used in our daily life. It is a simple, environmentally friendly and recyclable lifestyle.

Product Instructions :

1: We need to sure clean it thoroughly for the first time using it.

2: The color coating is a food-grade non-stick coating with a maximum use temperature of 300°, which can be used Boil water for cooking and hot drinks, but can’t be cook without nothing.

3: Please do not use hard cleaning tools such as wire brush to clean the surface of the coating.

4: Using metal tableware or placing it with hard objects will cause the risk of scratching and peeling of the coating.

5: The bottom coating will be rubbed with hard objects. Please try your best to use it daily Avoid rubbing and scratching with hard objects.

6: The retro silver surface is washed and polished, which will leave scratches or dents on the surface Convex marks, etc., are all normal phenomena, which are not a product quality problem.

7: The local discoloration caused by heating is a thin oxide layer formed on the surface of stainless steel. This is normal.

Product Measurement :

450ml Deep Bowl -

Capacity : 450ml
Weight : 130g
Measurement :18cm x 9cm x 6cm

280ml Tableware -

Capacity : 280ml
Weight : 93g
Measurement : 17cm x 10cm x 2cm

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